Superstitions abound at this Friday the 13th wedding

Zach and Rachel's Canton, Ohio wedding had a Friday the 13th theme including DIY centerpieces with broken mirror pieces, black umbrellas hanging on the stage over the live band, black cat licorice, and they got married under ladders that Zach and his father made. With so much faux bad luck, it has to be good!


Anna & Joe's circus carnival and costume ball wedding

From her breathtaking blood-red gown to his dapper top hat and tails, these two are the picture of gorgeous Victorian fashion. I'll bet you'd be surprised at who their officiant was! Their old-school carnival/circus-themed tent of lights, stripes, juggling, and fire let them entertain their guests and share the spotlight that's often squarely on the couple getting married — a smooth move. You're also going to love the late night dip in the pool, the killer shoes, and the heartwarming grandfather as an admiring admiral just bursting with happy mid-hug.


Christa & Auros' elegant gothic Iron Chef wedding

A snazzy restaurant with a famous chef, a fabulous gothic-inspired cake, a red and blue-themed costumed wedding party, and two awesomely gothic people getting married among it all. This wedding has style and a just a little bit of morbid fun for a Halloween vibe.


Jodi & Mark's art deco vintage horror movie rooftop wedding

These are a few of this couple's favorite things: horror movies, art deco decor, vintage fashion, their puppies, raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens… oh wait, scratch the last two. But take the rest of them and smoosh them together for a rad rooftop shindig with lots of DIY. They also dressed their gender-blind wedding party in retro gear making for some killer photos. And don't get too jealous that they had a second reception in Hawaii!