Jesse & Ben's potluck backyard hippie handfasting

When you're in the mood to kick tradition out, this is the celebration to see: a non-legal backyard solstice potluck with a VERY participatory ceremony, personal tattoos instead of rings, and a super sweet memorial for the groom's father. These adorable hippies knew what they wanted and embraced it full-on. And we get to see it all come together!


Rachel & Andy's rustic quirky interactive historical farm wedding

Get out your eagle eyes, because there's a lot to see in this raptor-lovin' wedding. Not only were live birds of prey there for the ogling, but guests got a chance to live in this couple's shared brainspace for a day, with hula hoops, a drum circle, and a couple of celebrities. As if that wasn't enough, guests got their sax on in an ultimate sax-off, and that's after the whole party was Rick Rolled. They're never gonna give you up….


Anne & Stew's happy hippie hoedown cross-country wedding

This pair had a sweet, tiny redwood forest elopement, but it didn't end there. They then went on an cross-country party marathon with all of their family and friends in New Jersey, NYC, Texas, and California! Think Austin hokey-tonk bar, Jewish deli catering, a Deadhead-inspired barn dance, and a special guest: Mel the CAMEL. You have to see it to believe it.


Adrian & Brian's hippie carnival campout wedding

This wedding brought together the couple's bohemian/artist/hippie/punk friends for a raucous campout. They may not be the best at RSVPing, but they definitely know how to show up in style. Plus, they were finally able to convince an awesome "Russian/Balkan/marching band meets punk rock dance party" band to play for them!