The festival-inspired, rain-soaked, bohemian wedding of our dreams

Heather, a self-described "writer, tight-wad, and fantasy nerd" married Nic, an outdoorsman who insists on "building his own everything," in a lovely forest on a rainy day in Stony Bottom, West Virginia. They're just a festival-going, nature-loving couple who wanted to throw a rad party with camping, port-o-potties, lanterns, umbrellas, and an outdoor sink made by Nic. Let's peek at their outdoor wedding shenanigans and get heart eyes.


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Andreas & Ariel's island hippie/raver forest freak-fest (10th anniversary flashback!)

10 years ago today, the wedding that ultimately kicked off the whole weird world that is Offbeat Bride happened. On August 7th 2004, I married Andreas. Then I wrote a book about it. Then I launched a website about the book, and now here we are. To celebrate, I figured I'd fill out a wedding profile myself. If these pics make you curious, you can get the Offbeat Bride book on Amazon for like 50 cents.


Siobhan & Chadwick's moon-loving techno-hippie wedding

When the couple calls themselves "moon-loving techno-hippies," we know we're in for some fun. Get ready for some family vows (and a family sand ceremony!), some cat-loving vows, and a desert horizon at a ranch that ended up being their ideal location. It's a small, outdoor wedding with big heart.