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Don't miss the gold tutu dress at this forest festival wedding

Don’t miss the gilded gold tutu dress at this forest festival wedding

Anna and Zack celebrated their wedding with camping, costumes, fairy wings, and surrounded by nature and their loved ones. They dubbed it a “Union Festival” and invited their guests to join them for a full weekend of camping and dancing. Anna’s short gold dress shined like she was a warrior princess. Are you ready for this forest festival wedding?

We heart this wedding at Burning Man

Major heart eyes for this Indian wedding at Burning Man

In the middle of the playa amid dust and love, Avni and Pavan rocked their most awesome outfits (a short white dress and white mehndi for her, a floral jacket and rad sunnies for him) to get married. This Indian wedding at Burning Man had an intimate feel despite it being at a hugh-jass festival of art and culture. If you’re not familiar with it, this archive will help.

Let’s peek at this gorgeous couple making it official in the desert of Nevada with their awesomely-clad pals…

A campy Vegas elopement with Elvis

A campy retro Vegas elopement with Elvis and “The American Dream”

If there was ever a testament to taking your own elopement photos, it’s this super fun campy retro Vegas elopement. They turned their Vegas wedding into a mini vacation with shows, tourist traps, and so many amazing candid shots. They look like they had the best time and we get to go along for the ride. Let’s peek at this killer Vegas elopement…

This cave wedding had fire dancing, ukuleles, and acroyoga

This magical cave wedding had fire dancing, ukuleles, and acroyoga

Mindy and Luke had searched for a venue in which a large number of family and friends could come and celebrate, camp out, and enjoy a champagne toast. Believe it or not, there was little to be found until they found the Woodward Cave in Woodward, PA. You know we LOVE a good cave wedding. With a barefoot wedding party, retro clothing, guests and participants offering everything from fire dancing to ukulele playing and acroyoga, this rockstar couple really had a magical cave wedding.

A Maui elopement with a volcano backdrop as seen on @offbeatbride

An elopement in Maui with a volcano backdrop

Max and Mel moved Maui to forge a new beginning for themselves and then met through a paddling club. Between karaoke after-parties and Maui adventures, loved blossomed. They decided to have a small elopement in Maui with the East Maui volcano, Haleakalā, as their backdrop. If you think this meant amazing photos, you’ll totally right. Think wide open vistas, dramatic cliffs, and moody clouds.

These wooden custom-made rings contain whole tiny worlds -- as seen on @offbeatbride #wooden #rings #engagementring

These wooden rings contain whole tiny worlds!

Looking for a seriously stunning and interesting ring to carry around a teeny tiny world on your finger? Canadian designer Isabell Kiefhaber of Secret Wood is creating wooden rings with resin, beeswax, and other materials to capture wearable little landscapes. They’re both of this world and totally out of this world. You’re going to want to see more of these rings.

Spy the rings below to see absolutely gorgeous scenes of tiny forests, Aurora Borealis-inspired skies, forests, waterfalls, and lagoons. they’re all slightly different since they’re all handmade to order (with a four to five week wait — likely worth it based on these designs!). Let’s ogle the designs and wish they were ours, shall we?