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Lesley & Nick’s laid back, vegetarian, Buddhist wedding

Lesley & Nick wanted a simple wedding without breaking the budget. They cut costs by DIY’ing, cutting things they didn’t need and hiring an aspiring photographer. They kept the ceremony at ninety guests and then had everyone (including those who didn’t attend the ceremony) meet at a bar after for drinks!

Michelle & Philip’s multicultural, 1930s wedding and tea ceremony

Michelle & Phillip had a multicultural wedding that took place in a 1930’s Art Deco theatre. But before all that they played Chinese Door games, where the aim is to make the groom and his men do challenges in order to prove himself worthy of the bride and a Tea Ceremony!

Short pink dress + beach wedding = WOW!

The bride and groom eloped to Maui from India. Their wedding incorporated Indian wedding traditions like Henna tattoos for the bride and some island wedding elements like a sand ceremony and a dove release.

Monika & Carter’s Neo-Victorian, Pagan-Atheist, Japanese, Peacock, Love Fest

The offbeat bride: Monika A, Fluevog Asst Manager, Professional Tarot Reader and part time vegan baker Her offbeat partner: Carter , build and release computer engineer Location & date of wedding: Hakone Gardens, Saratoga , CA — September 20, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: When a Pagan, tarot reading, Fluevog Pimpette decides to marry […]