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Looking for a truly trans-friendly honeymoon spot

I have a question for you and your readers. I am looking for a trans-friendly, really truly friendly, honeymoon spot. We worry about plumbing, about being questioned, about being unsafe, about violence nearly constantly. We realized that dreaming of our honeymoon didn’t feel so much like dreaming any more, rather more like risk avoidance. I am betting that you or your readers have great ideas for gender-affirming places that are fun and delightful.

From sunny Hawaii to snowy Canada, dig the views in these reader photos

This whole week of reader photos submitted to us via our Flickr pool, had some INCREDIBLE views, locations, and weather. Wanna take a break from the usual Monday morning sights, and ooh and aw over these reader photos with me? I thought you would…

Reader roundup: “Victories of awesome”

There must have been something in y’alls water this week, because we got a LOT of these victorious moments of awesome. From double fisting in the most wedding-iest of ways to feisty bridesmaids, to a little friendly competition between newlyweds. To the victor goes the spoils of this weeks reader photos…

Amazing Hawaiian wedding fashion with surprising shoe advice

The moment I saw this photo from Maui wedding photographer Anna Kim, I almost spit coffee all over my monitor. And then BEGGED her for more info about this fashionable bride, Meeshay. Because ZOMG the shoes, the dress, (hell even the groom’s rocker-style all-black sexiness). I’m DYING. But what I didn’t expect was a hot tip on where you can find quirky wedding shoes like these the ones.

Lisa & Carlos’ runaway Hawaiian elopement wedding

When potential guests start a-bickerin’ about the wedding, sometimes it means it’s time to make a quick getaway and elope to Hawaii. And that’s exactly what these two did. They grabbed a friend and a photographer and spent their ceremony basking in the ocean breezes of Waikiki Beach. And voila: built-in honeymoon.

Christen & Leigh’s Hawaiian beach karaoke wedding

With families in Wyoming and Australia, what better mid-point could there be than Hawaii? This couple planned a destination wedding on the beach where both of their families met for the first time. Although they had a bumpy road to the altar, the end result was a kick-ass party with pinkie swears, friendly roasting, impromptu karaoke, and a whole lot of love.