A 1920s-era vintage wedding in a 19th-century Victorian house

In the mood for some fabulous vintage style? This wedding delivers. The bride, Courtney, gives us two dresses to satisfy our appetites: a lusciously beaded, green flapper-style number and a vintage 1920s dress with the actual accompanying headpiece, which we've been staring at covetously ever since we first saw it. There was even a photo shown at the wedding of the original bride wearing both pieces (look for it on the guest book table!).


Lexie & Al's Gatsby-inspired transatlantic elopement

This week we're celebrating intimate weddings with destination elopements, cozy registry office vows, and private romantic ceremonies. It's the warm fuzzies on a smaller scale. Today we've got a transatlantic couple who planned a destination wedding in honor of their love of the Jazz Age. And what better place to pay homage than New Orleans itself?


A chic and lacy haunted house goth wedding

A Friday the 13th wedding at a haunted house with a drag queen, a burlesque dancer, and a magician: an amazing punk/goth wedding or the amazing-est? The bride and groom both rocked mohawks, which makes my day. Check out the full creeptastic and chic story.


Amber & Dylan's Roaring '20s prison wedding

A shared passion for the 1920s, ample props and costumes, and a historic (and haunted!) prison setting well worthy of the task — looks like a roaring wedding for any flapper at heart. The best part is that this couple's guests totally got into the the theme! It's the best thing any theme wedding can have: commitment to the bit!