Kristen's green, eco-friendly wedding

The offbeat bride: Kristen / Retail Manager, but trying to get out Her offbeat groom: Todd / Production Assistant Location & date of wedding: Miami University Campus, Oxford, OH. Oct……


Io's gothy wedding

If your tastes tend toward the gothy, film noir, and slightly victorian, your head may explode from io's southern gothic wedding photos. I'm especially pleased with her little wedding hat,…..


A steampunk wedding

The fact that Souxzi was able to organize this stunning, stylish wedding in three months (while also grieving her mother's recent passing) is totally mind-boggling and is a sharp ruler on the knuckles of anyone who says you can't plan a wedding in less than six months. Congratulations, Souxzi!


Madam_cobweb's masquerade wedding

Check out the photos from this October wedding — I love the bride's striped dress, black manicure, and the masquerade theme. (Thanks for the tip, Morgan!)


Penaran's red wedding dress

Obviously I have a thing for red wedding dresses… Photographer Martin Oliver captured a bride named Penaran in a red Ian Stuart dress. I love the rouching of the red…..