Clara & Justin's massive mix of geekery and love wedding

We teased this contender for most geeky references ever in a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and now you'll get the whole story AND all the fandom references we know you want! We're talking Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Firefly, World of Warcraft, Dracula, Sherlock, Transformers, Myst, Diablo… GASP… Portal, Lord of the Rings, Mario… WHEW, I can't even go on. There's too many. Go on without us. But know that it's dangerous to go alone. Take this wedding.


Photos from weddings featured in today's sci-fi weddings article in the New York Times

You guys know we loves us some sci-fi, nerdy, geeky, horror-tinged, and zombie-fied weddings… and it appears the Old Grey Lady has sniffed out the trend!

The New York Times ran an article today ("Moving Past Traditional to the Science Fictional") which featured an interview with Ariel and several weddings featured on Offbeat Bride. We thought it'd be fun to share some of the photos that go with the weddings featured in the piece…