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This is our archive of Harry Potter weddings, from Harry Potter wedding cakes, to golden snitch rings, to HP dresses, to invitations ideas and more! You don’t have to like the author to have been touched by the books.

Romance, test tubes, and a Beetlejuice save-the-date

We plucked some awesome images from the Offbeat Flickr Pool and Offbeat Bride Pinterest account this week. Some were sweet, some were crafty, and all were awesomely YOU. From your submissions to our eyeballs, here are the latest additions in the weekly Monday Montage.

Geeky ink, I Spy, and a little Valentine’s Day fun

Lots of geek fun to be had in this Monday Montage in the form of XKCD and a little Zelda, plus a game of “I Spy” and some muglies! The Offbeat Bride Pinterest account offered up some not-too-silly Valentine’s Day ideas.

The perfect Save the Dates for your Harry Potter-themed wedding

Chad and Casey are having a “Harry Potter-esque” wedding. So what better way to introduce their guests to what magical wedding experiences await them than by delivering their Save the Dates via messenger owl!

Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and a burrito walk into a bar…

I geeked out on the Offbeat Flickr Pool entries this week. It was like you guys exploded with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lego, and Renaissance amazingness. Moar nerds FTW in this week’s Monday Montage!

iPad commercial-themed Save the Date

Nicole and her fiance made a remix of the “iPad is…” commercials to create video Save the Date. They’re adorable and filled with lots of nerd references too!

Jen & Mike’s Harry Potter-esque crafty potluck wedding

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, Part 1 comes out today and since I can’t see the movie until my parent’s come into town in a few days, my Harry needs MUST be filled. And filled they are with Jen and Mike’s Harry Potter themed wedding! There’s Honeyduke’s sweetshop, The Three Broomstick Bar, and tables named after Potter places like The Leaky Cauldron and The Hog’s Head.