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Scientifically awesome wedding rings from space and Andronyk Jewelry

Andronyk Jewelry is a fine jewelry house based in Canada. In said jewelry house, Jeanie hand-makes all her pieces (like a bad-ass), out of sustainable materials (hell yeah), and inspired by planetary geology (OMG WUT!?).

Check these out…

Maria & Rory’s homemade community country wedding with secret nuptials

When this couple says handmade, they mean handmade. From growing the garden and raising the chickens, these two made it all happen with their own two hands. But wait until you see how a surprise officiant snafu made them rethink their ceremony!

A pared-down wedding weekend in South Africa

Edré and Riaan are both down-to-earth folks and planned a similarly down-to-earth, small and simple wedding. They decided, in lieu of having a honeymoon, to just extend the wedding to a weekend-long event and spend the extra time with family. This pared-down celebration is a great example of less is more.

Steampunk fashions and Victorian-inspired leather magic from Mano Bello

Hello and welcome to steampunk accessory heaven, aka our newest sponsor Mano Bello. We’re talking Victorian inspired, handmade leather bustles, waist cinches, corset belts, leather cuffs, bootstraps, flowers and accessories. I can’t wait to show you my favorite things…

Fire dancers, tattoos and one nerd-tastic groom’s cake

A new week means a new round-up of your fantastic photos from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. This Monday Montage has a hodgepodge of amazing dresses, impeccable details, silly wedding parties, and one Super Mario Bros cake!

Khera & Sean’s handmade, old-fashioned, love-in wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day! Each of us here at Offbeat Bride want to know: Will you be mine? I’m hoping this beautiful, Valentine’s Day wedding will encourage you to say “Yes!”