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Grace & Thomas’ Intimate Medieval Earthy Elopement

“After plans for a low-key affair with family and friends didn’t quite materialize as we had envisioned it, we decided to buck tradition and elope.”

Everything you need to know about having your wedding dress custom-made

A while back I ranted about how I think brides are best off having their wedding dresses custom made — you’ll get a better fit, exactly the design you want, and won’t have to suffer the attitudes and obscene prices of a bridal boutique.

Quinn & Michael’s relaxed DIY Oregon coast affair

The offbeat bride: Quinn, artist, writer, musician all around crafty lady, Celebrant (and OBT member) Her offbeat partner: Michael, woodworker, clever fellow Location & date of wedding: Yachats Inn, Teahouse Pavilion, Yachats, Oregon. 03/01/08 What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was SOOOO made by our own hands that you could see the callouses a […]

Chrissy Wai-Ching’s Puerto Rico wedding

Wai-Ching’s wedding dresses are the stuff of legend here on — but what about Chrissy’s OWN wedding, exactly a year ago today? The offbeat bride: Chrissy Wai-Ching Fashion Designer/Fiber Artist Her offbeat groom: Vasili Zolotov, Software Engineer Location & date of wedding: The Gallery Inn, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, 12/31/06. What made our […]