What's your wedding makeup plan? Let's talk shop with Dallas makeup artist Vivienne Vermuth

Vivienne Vermuth is one of our most creative partners. Like super creative, mask-making, body painting, innovating creative. She's been in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years, and has worked with the cream of the crop: MAC, Clinique, ESTEE Lauder, Sephora, and Trish McEvoy. Her clients are equally rad: Cirque du Soleil, The Toadies, The Burlesque Experience, Dos Equis, and Kellogg… OH and Offbeat Brides! It's true, you can have illuminating, professional, magic photo-inducing makeup by a stellar pro for your own wedding. No lie. Let's talk about the virtues of our lovely Vivienne and why you'll be back for more when you book her.


The ultimate DIY tutorial for rag curls

Rag curls are easy to do and depending on how you do them, you can achieve anything from Greta Garbo to Veronica Lake to Lucille Ball-looking curls, without frying your hair. They are also excellent for lazy-hair people and kids because all you have to do is throw 'em in your damp hair, sleep comfortably (without big rollers or poke-y pins) and brush them out in the morning for curls that will literally last weeks if you want them to.


This sleek braided mohawk is giving us happy chills

Kat and Michael had a kick-ass wedding in Memphis with a "minimal geek" theme. Our favorite part that we could stop swooning over was the bride's gorgeously sleek, bright pinky red mohawk braid hairstyle. We just had to share her fabulous look to which we are now all aspiring. So simple, so colorful, so gorgeous! Now let's bask in Kat's amazing hair look.


Wedding hair inspiration: Black floral crown

Let's take a break for a little wedding hair inspo! I love me the rare and beautifully shocking black wedding head piece. In fact, this entire look — red hair, dark matte lips, and smokey cat eye — is perfect for your Fall wedding style.