Remember your guests' travels with a push pin map guestbook

We aren't talking about "pinning" in terms of Pinterest for once. We're talking an actual push pin map guestbook. Brenna and Dennis had a nifty, thrifty idea for their guestbook: guests placed a pin on a map indicating from where they traveled. This ideas serves two purposes: find out who traveled the farthest, and have a visual keepsake of where all your guests live. Super fun times! Let's hear from Brenna on the whole scheme.


Practical guestbook is practical: Have guests sign a wine cork board

If you're like me (cough, cough, lazy as fuck), turn saved corks into a wine cork board to use as your guestbook! Save enough corks for each of your guests to sign, set them out at your wedding, and ta-da! Create your wine cork board later, and there you have a super practical guestbook ready for use in your newly wedded home!