Designer ketubahs for ALL art-loving couples from Modern Ketubah

Daniel Sroka is both the owner and artist behind our sponsor Modern Ketubah. For you gentiles in the house, a ketubah is a marriage certificate based in Jewish tradition that's also a work of art. But even if you aren't Jewish you may want to get in on the ketubah action, especially if it's from Daniel. Because in the traditional world of ketubahs, Modern Ketubah's are decidedly different, and here's why…


Daleks, wax dragons, vow gags, and a 100-year-old newlywed

Craziness ensued when I checked out what you all submitted to the Flickr Pool and the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account. Daleks, watermelon hedgehogs, flaming bananas, and a cute little vow gag. It's always awesome to see what everyone is up to in in montage form.


Downloadable fingerprint tree guestbook

Sabrina wanted to have a fingerprint guest book at her wedding. After perusing Etsy and not seeing anything that she couldn't pull off herself, she decided to do exactly that! She made her own fingerprint guest book in about ten minutes, and she's letting you download it for yourself.