Wedding tit for wedding tat: Am I obligated to invite someone to my wedding if they invited me to theirs?

I'm getting married this fall, and we've done our best to keep the guestlist under 100 people. Of course a smaller guestlist has meant making a lot of tough decisions about who not to invite, but them's the breaks.

…Except for now I just got an invitation to an acquaintance inviting me to HER wedding! Needless to say, this is an acquaintance who I'm NOT inviting to our wedding… what do I do?


Half our guests said no: Seeing the positives to an itty bitty guest list

More than half our guest list is unable to attend our wedding. As a result, we've gone from having a small wedding to having a microscopic one. I keep waffling between thoughts of, "This is awesome!" and, "Ohfuckohfuck, what will people think?!" I want to kick these negative thoughts about our compact wedding to the curb. They're untrue, and they only serve to make me feel bad. I don't deserve to feel bad. I'm a fantastic person hosting a fantastic wedding. In the name of positivity, here's a list of everything that can be awesome about itty bitty weddings:


Wedding planning backlash and being accountable for your choices

Wedding planning is all about making a crapload of choices. Even those couples who do their utmost to avoid making every single decision still have to face some choices. Dudes, some of those choices are tough ones. And we can talk forever about etiquette, or rules, or best practices, but real life comes with choices that don't always fit into nice boxes. The thing is, when you make a big decision, especially about an event like a wedding, people have major feels about it. MAJOR FEELS. And when it comes to weddings, we often want to seek advice but we also often get unsolicited advice. In the face of that, you need to be prepared to be accountable.