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Should we host a reception after our micro-wedding? Yes, and here’s some reception invitation wording examples!

We got married this Saturday. It was a very small reception with mainly family. We were unable to invite all of our friends due to venue capacity being only 70 people and also due to our budget. Here we are on Monday back at work and so many people are upset both at me and my now-husband. Is it appropriate to have a small gathering at our house for all of our friends?

"It's too soon to invite your new girlfriend": how to deal with guest list drama while grieving

“It’s too soon to invite your new girlfriend”: how to deal with guest list drama while grieving

“My fiance has a family member whose spouse passed away. Less than a month after this passing, the family member began to date another person. By the time we get married, they’ll only have been dating for four months and we don’t feel comfortable inviting her to the wedding. How can I better explain this to the family member whose girlfriend we are not inviting?”

Download your wedding guest list planner from @offbeatbride #weddingplanning #weddingguestlist

Planning tools 101: Your wedding guest list planner

In case you missed it, we recently launched a comprehensive and totally customizable document of wedding planning spreadsheets to get your wedding planning game on point. First we featured a big ol’ wedding timeline and now we’re rolling out the wedding guest list planner to keep track of all your guests, their RSVPs, contact info, food preferences, gift, blood type… everything you need to know.

Can you invite someone to an engagement party but not the wedding?

If you search the internet for “can you invite someone to an engagement party and not the wedding” you’ll get two answers:

1. HELL FUCKING NO. Don’t be a daft asshole.
2. Sure. Times they are a changing, and some people have super-small weddings, or wedding very far away, and can’t invite as many people as they’d like.

So which answer is it?

I’m single! Who should I bring as my plus one?

Any opinion on who to bring to a wedding if you are completely single but have been granted a “plus one?” One wedding I am in the wedding party and the other I am just a guest, but both weddings I will only know a handful of people. Any advice on who should I bring as my plus one?

OPEN THREAD: Should you attend the wedding of a couple you aren’t inviting to yours?

I was invited to a wedding of two friends. My girlfriend and I agree that when we get married this couple wouldn’t be on our invite list (for two reasons: because we want a smaller wedding, and because we’re really not that close with them). Knowing this, should we go to their wedding?