Art, succulents, & a crystal crown at this vegan eco-friendly wedding (all for under $2200!)

This eco-friendly couple wanted to leave no trace at their outdoor park eco-friendly wedding, and they truly succeeded. they rocked all vegan food, all vegan clothing, and donated food and blankets to local charities after it was all over. But don't miss all the amazing moments, romantic ceremony, gorgeous dress (with crystal crown!(, and everything else that made our jaws drop at this glorious wedding…


Andrell & Aaron's Padme and Anakin Star Wars wedding

This week we're celebrating our sci-fi-loving, fantasy-squeeing, and comic book-collecting couples. Today's wedding features a full-on Star Wars Halloween theme including lake dress Padme and Dark Anakin. There's lots of lightsaber fun (including the cake cutters!) and even some Jawas escorting the bride.


Heather & Tim's tiny fall guerrilla wedding in the park

Follow those ruby slippers! Loving the simplicity of this ceremony in the park with a brother from each side of this partnership co-officiating before heading back to the couple's apartment to celebrate. The cozy party features lots of beaming faces of all ages — even a quiet moment with their cats.