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Themed boutonnieres and funky corsage pins from I Do Novelty

You know Kim as the mad hatter behind Topsy Turvy Design — the theatrical millinery business based in Oakland, California that is a favorite of Offbeat Brides everywhere! Her new business and our latest sponsor, I Do Novelty specializes in themed boutonnieres and corsage pins!

Clicky clicky to be amongst the first to check out these fantastic designs AND take advantage of the special offbeat discount!

Even MORE unexpected groomsmen gifts for guys AND gals

Since I’ve been doing my holiday shopping online, I’ve been stumbling upon some pretty great gifts ideas. Here’s a wide-spread roundup of some creative groom’s party gifts sure to please the guy AND girl best friends alike.

The sexy men of the wedding party, plus major cake geekage

This week’s Flickr Pool was a sea of jumping, bathtub-standing, baby-wielding groomsmen. Must be something in the air… and I like it! Come celebrate those steadfast gents plus some geek cake carnage in the Monday Montage.

Monday Montage: when pigs fly

Want to know what happens when pigs fly? Keeping reading to find out. This week you’ll see a fairy-tale ending, a few adorably dressed groomsmen, a pair of fun stripey socks, and one mega-hot multicolored dress.

Monday Montage: poofy pink dresses, babes in white and some silly storm troopers

Welcome to another edition of the Monday Montage. This week we have some fun and froofy pink dresses, ladies in white and some groovin’ groomsmen. P.S. Don’t forget to submit your photos to the pool. If you’re lucky, they might even end up on here.

23 bad-ass boutonnieres that demand attention

For the most part, boutonnieres can be often over-looked and under-whelming. But the same can not be said for the boutonnieres I’ve got rounded up here…