Cue guests to participate in your ceremony with wedding cue cards

I want to talk about cue cards. We first mentioned about this idea way back in 2007 and it’s still giggle-worthy. This particular helpful groomsman was the cue card master at Yolkai and Anthony’s lots-o-red wedding.

Navy suit, gingham shirt, slim tie, and vans: advice for grooms on how to find their style

Ok, so I guess today we’re just all about fashion. That’s ok, right? Especially when it involves the amazing fashion of groom Anthony Barlich, one of the founders of Chicago’s Hitch & Sparrow. Anthony rocked a navy suit, silver tie, and gingham shirt, with striped socks and grey Vans. (Topped off by Warby Parker glasses.) Darren from Well Groomed recently did a twopart post series interviewing Anthony about his fashion and guidance for grooms looking to find their own vision in a sea of anonymous suits.

A dapper as hell groom and his super chic posse

Can we just take a second and talk about this groom’s ensemble? From the top: kick-ass plugs, mini-handlebar mustache, AWESOME striped bow tie, pink chambray shirt (from Propercloth), and of course, a fabulous suit from one of our favorite vendors for grooms and dapper brides, [vendor-heart link=""]Duchess Clothier[/vendor-heart].

Hand-made, fold-out, super personalized wedding party invitations

We wanted a really special and personal way to ask our friends to be in our wedding party, and I wanted to make something ourselves. So we dug around in boxes of old photos of us and some of our favorite people and made these fold-out wedding party invitations.

21 geeky and fun cufflinks to rule them all

I’m pretty sure cufflinks are one of the most versatile accessories ever. Gamers, geeks, goths, groomsmen… there is a pair of cufflinks with your name on it. And one of them just might be in this here collection.

Why we chose to have an “adventuring party” instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen

It’s about time we heard from another offbeat groom! Here’s Tribesmaid Fiddledragon‘s future husband with his insights into why they’re having an “adventuring party” instead of a “wedding party.” Hint: there’s steampunk involved.