32 geeky, chic, and kick-ass wedding party flasks for all your boozing needs

In need of some geeky or chic wedding party flasks for bridesmaid and groomsman gifts or wedding celebration libations? Maybe you just want to snag a few of these for your registry. Either way, I've rounded up some of the most kick-ass flasks for your wedding party, friends, or just for you. From octopodes to steampunk to unicorns to fake smartphones, these run the gamut of awesome. (Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add these things to YOUR registry or shopping list.)


Be the groom's super team: A groomsguy/groomsgirl primer

If there's a groom in your party (or your same sex wedding party is splitting responsibilities), you might be looking to see what traditional groomsmen duties get handled by the groom's crew. But in this age of weddings, your mixed-gender wedding party might be handling things a lot differently. Here's a look at what traditionally gets covered by the groomsmen, so you can expand/change/follow the old rules as you see fit.