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Mixed gender wedding parties are the best — we love bridesboys, and this archive is our celebration of GROOMSGIRLS! What if your sister is the your “best man”? What if your BFF from college is your groomsgirl? We’ve got lots of ideas and advice here…

What should a best woman wear? Fashion for groomsgirls & best women

You might think the only way to make a gender-blind wedding party work is to match the switcheroo with the other side of the party. But hold on, because that’s just one of a few options. Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen among our own Best Women and Groomsgirls. Bring on the ladies crossing the gender divide!

What should a Best Woman wear?

When you’re having a gender-blind wedding party, what should the Best Woman wear if she wants to look feminine, but still like she’s a part of the groom’s wedding party and not the bride’s? Well, here’s your solution:

Wai Ching wedding party – with a dress for the groomsgirl!

We all know I love Wai Ching wedding dresses — but I’ve never seen an entire wedding party decked out in Wai Ching. It’s hot! Even the groomsgirl got her own coordinated dress:

Groom’s girls and Best women

Here’s another great example of how to deal with cross-gender wedding parties. Check out the fabulous groom’s girls/best women in this shot from Jessicka & Christian’s fabulous wedding. (Thanks to Amanda Brooks Photography for the shot!)

How to dress a groomsgirl

A black dress and a saucy tie? AWESOME. Want even more inspiration? Click here: What’s a groom’s gal pal to wear? Options for the Best Woman and Groomsgirl