Unexpectedly green wedding shoes

Show of hands, please: who's planning their Spring weddings now? And have you considered green shoes? Let's gather together now and look at some great green shoes that might kick some butt for your wedding. I've got a lot of different shades here, from evergreen to grass green to mint to jade to neon.


Miz Mooz wedding shoes

After last week's sandals, I think I'mma keep things casual again… this time, focusing on Miz Mooz shoes. Comfy, low-heeled, brightly colored, retro-minded, and featuring lots of button detailing, these shoes are just about the perfect fit for the more casual outdoor bride. (…Or the more casual, outdoor wedding guest.)


Bright green wedding shoes

Something old, something new; something borrowed, something GREEN. (Yes, green.)

This week's shoe post is going to drill down into the world of bright green shoes. Not emerald hues, but the bolder shades like grass green, chartreuse, and even almost-yellow spring green. Why? Because it's spring, and my toes need to remember.