Breathtaking fairytale wedding dresses from Stiltskin's Spindle

Stiltskin's Spindle is a new wedding design company based in Canada and serving the globe. As the name suggests, they offer the nontraditional wedding seeker a selection of dresses inspired by fairy tales, fantasy, and historical periods that. Their designs focus on bold patterns, extravagant looks, and they top it all off with some pretty incredible photo shoots. You're guys are going to loooooove these…


Monica & Paul's traditional wedding with a broken arm

The first thing everyone notices is my green and black dress. I designed it and my friend Rachel made it, as well as all the bridesmaids' dresses. Also coordinated to my dress was my cast I had on my left hand/arm that covered my left ring & pinky fingers! I fell and broke my hand exactly two weeks before the wedding! The designs on it were a coordinated effort from my dressmaker and a haunted house airbrush artist, with a matching "bracelet" made by yours truly.