Severina & Seraphim Seattle handfasting

Part of what I love so much about Offbeat Bride is that I feel like it's all about finding inspiration outside of my little aesthetic bubble. For instance, I'm soooo not a native of the goth/industrial/fetish scene, but I can find about 10 inspiring things in the wedding photo below, which is from Severina & Seraphim's Seattle handfasting.

Venetian wedding

I am hoping to have many more stories to share from this totally magic semi-goth/historicalish wedding that happened in Venice, Italy. For now, I give you these amazing photos… I…..


Striped wedding dress

I am absolutely in love with this head-to-toe striped ensemble. A little goth, a little vaudeville, a little circus — all stunning. …Perhaps I'm a teeny bit biased — I…..