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We love gothic weddings so hard. Black wedding dress? Check. Halloween weddings? Check. Haunted venue? Check. Horror weddings? YES. Corpse Bride? Check. Tim Burton? Of course. Skulls? Always.

Tina’s haunted house halloween wedding

It was love made in heaven, but a marriage made in Hell. What didn’t make this happy day offbeat? The theme of the wedding was “Love Never Dies” It was full moon, which we did not plan. The location was one of the big things — we were married in front of the Cemetery of a haunted house. We chose that location not only because we both work there, but because we fell in love there and it has become a huge part of our lives.

Sarah Snook’s cemetery wedding

I know I said before that your wedding is not a contest, and I still very firmly believe this. That said, I have yet to see a wedding as fabulously goth as Sarah Snook’s. First, read this article to get the story on Sarah and her husband Chase’s cemetery wedding in Cleveland. Then, head over […]

Bad-ass red & black wedding

Jane Doe’s UK wedding is a stunner, with the bride’s red dress and the retro bridemaids.

Goth cake toppers for your dark wedding tastes

Are you looking for a wedding cake topper that’s as dark and delicious as your goth wedding plans? Well, I’ve rounded up a few goth cake toppers that might fit the bill. Check ’em out…