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Emma & Brian’s geeky rainy love fest wedding

This wedding is such a testament to budget weddings and their ability to be completely awesome without lots of bells and whistles. But three things they definitely found room for were their three geek-tastic cakes: Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. You’ll also never guess how one of the bride’s brothers found a way to be present without actually being able to attend. Plus, we dare you to find ALL the geeky and bookish references in their epic, communal ceremony reading. So many references!

Emily & Kyle’s autumnal handcrafted wedding

I love when crafty folks work their magic on the wedding — handmade jewelry and rings, lino-block printed invitations, handmade bridesmaid dresses… we boggle at the talent! And in this case, it allowed them to have more guests with a smaller budget. Plus, you don’t want to miss how flippin’ gorgeous these two are with their ink and vintage-styled fashion! I suspect many staff cat-fights over who gets to be in the sandwich with these two.

Sheyne & Glenn’s scientific Victorian steampunk octopus wedding

We already snuck a peek at this couple’s fabulous octopus cake, and now we’re getting the full scoop! We’re talking steampunk details, custom corset loveliness, and a ROBOT RING BEARER made by a certain Mythbuster pal of theirs. Just watch your eyebrows around the flamethrower…

Sarah & Geoff’s DIY nature-loving barn wedding

When we feature weddings with barns AND tentacle content in one week, it can only mean it’s BARNACLE WEEK! Today we’ve got a little Star Trek, a little DIY, and a big, red barn.

Keli & James’ video games comedy and butterflies wedding

They met playing Final Fantasy, had tons of gamer-happy music, and an epic Portal cake. I think we’re looking at a gamer’s paradise wedding here. A real live stand-up comedian at the reception made this dance-free wedding have no lack of entertainment. Oh, and you’ll love how the bride was given away by her dad and stepdad! Adorableness: check.

Alexa & Wale’s vibrant Nigerian engagement and minimalist Unitarian nerdfest

You may recognize this pair from Alexa’s Nigerian engagement ceremony bridentity crisis, and we just had to see how it all turned out. It’s a two-ceremony mega-mash of Nigerian and American culture including handmade geles (Nigerian head wraps), geeky details, a sweet candle ceremony, and some flubbed vows that are too funny to miss.