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13 jewelry-free unique bridesmaid gift ideas

Recently a friend of mine sent out a tweet asking for gift ideas for her bridesmaids in which she added “…and don’t say jewelry.” Which got me to thinking, what are some unique bridesmaid gifts that aren’t jewelry!? Even a check of the ‘ol Offbeat Bride archives brought up mostly jewelry suggestions, so let’s fix this. Although many of these ideas are intended for the more feminine-leaning bridesmaids, groomsgirls, and nonbinary bridesmates, you might find ideas for folks of any identity here!

Unexpected groomsmen gift ideas

I’ve gotten a few questions lately from brides seeking the perfect offbeat groomsmen’s gifts. I’ve resisted weighing in because no two dudes are the same — and I really don’t dig the gender-normative trends in groomsmen gifts. It seems like it’s assumed that groomsmen are interested in booze (flasks!), titties (pin-up cufflinks!), tools, and sports. […]

Fall into Red Ruby Rose’s clutches

These amazing clutches come are made from an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage fabrics that seem custom catered to Offbeat needs — check out the full range of peacock designs! Some of them are so brilliantly colored and gorgeous that I could see a courthouse bride using one instead of a bouquet. Imagine this being held by a bride in a tea length dress, wearing sharp little red gloves…

Why you should start thinking about thank you cards BEFORE your wedding

You ladies know me: I’m really not one to talk that much about “shoulds” or “gottas” around weddings. But there’s one “should” that I feel the need to emphasize: You really should send thank you cards for all gifts received during the course of planning your wedding with-in two months of the wedding itself. First, a word about why…

Karen & Peter’s California Redwoods, Chocolate-Laden, Budget Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Karen, graphic & web designer Her Offbeat Partner: Peter, programmer extraordinaire Location & date of wedding: Harvey West Park in Santa Cruz, California — 04-26-09 What made our wedding offbeat: We were married under the redwoods by my uncle, our first dance was to Mystery Science Theater 3000’s “When Loving Lovers Love” […]

Wedding party gifts that don’t suck

or the Offbeat Bride, you’re looking for something meaningful, not just easy to purchase in a set of 6. The gifts you list don’t ring true because they have nothing to do with the relationships between you and your bridal party. You’ve asked these people to stand with you as your closest community; a great way to dream up authentic gifts is to think with care about how you or your affianced knows each person — a funny joke you’ve shared, an interest that brought you together, a memory only your siblings know — and go from there. (If we learned anything from Lloyd Dobler, you don’t give someone a pen!)