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17 gender-neutral wedding party gifts they’ll actually want to use

Looking for gender-neutral wedding party gifts? Here are a few wedding party gift ideas that are useful and fun, geeky and a bit galactic.

Wedding gift trend alert: A BED!

Let’s talk about how my mother-in-law made me hella uncomfortable at our wedding, but in hindsight was actually a high-key genius and basically should get credit for coming up with the ultimate wedding gift trend: a bed.  

How to ask for cash instead of wedding gifts in 2022

The past couple years have turned a lot of wedding traditions and wedding registry etiquette upside down — and here at Offbeat Bride, we’re here for it! If you’ve got questions about how to do a cash registry in 2022, we’ve got answers. Because while a lot has changed, you still want to be polite and respectful…

Updated wedding registry etiquette

Wedding registries have changed, especially for Offbeat Brides, and wedding registry etiquette has also changed. Etiquette can help reduce the stress and strife that can come up around registries, though. Check out our practical tips.

What’s a thoughtful gift for someone who had to cancel their wedding because of Coronavirus?

A couple weeks ago, Jalila asked us: “What would be a thoughtful gift for a friend and a co-worker who had to cancel their weddings?” Of course no gifts are necessary, but have a suggestion for a win/win gift that helps more than just the couple…

Did you know you can make your wedding vows into artwork?

Turn your sweet & funny custom wedding vows into artwork

If you’re writing your own custom wedding vows, you know how much time and effort they can take. You can totally immortalize your words with some wedding vows artwork to make sure all your hard work is saved forever. I saw a few gorgeous and simple ones that can come all framed and ready from Minted that I wanted to share.

Let’s see how you can turn your hard work into art on your walls…