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getting weddinged

What do you call it when you skipped the wedding and just got married at the courthouse for practical purposes, but then decide to throw a big reception for your friends and family months or even years later? We call that GETTING WEDDINGED, and it’s awesome. (Note that there’s also the reverse, especially with LGBT couples: GETTING LEGALLED, where you go to the courthouse to make it legal months or years after having a commitment ceremony.)

Jenn & Brandon’s Matrimonial Purple Tudor Tea Party

The offbeat bride: Jenn, Youth Worker Her offbeat partner: Brandon, Musician Location & date of wedding: Illuminated Sculpture Gallery in New Orleans, LA on January 10th, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We were already legally married and decided to get “weddinged” almost exactly on our one year anniversary. Not bad to have already gotten […]

How to plan a wedding in 2 months

When Jim and I made the decision to get married this May, we knew we weren’t going to have the luxury of a long engagement; Jim had recently received orders for a 400-day mission overseas and we knew we would have to have everything done and in order before he had to report for training in mid-August.

Kate & Matt get weddinged in a backyard

The offbeat bride: Kate, admin lackey (midwife-wanna-be) Her offbeat partner: Matt, wind turbine tech Location & date of wedding: My parents’ backyard in Wadsworth, Ohio. May 10, 2008. What made our wedding offbeat: Well, first of all, we were already married! We met in a chemistry class last fall, got engaged by Thanksgiving, and decided […]

Getting weddinged is what it’s called when you have a wedding after you’re already legally married

Getting weddinged, verb: The act of having a wedding after you’re already legally married.

Should we say “I do” early for health insurance?

My fiancé has no insurance (health, car, dental or vision) and I do. I want him to be insured and don’t want to wait until our actual wedding for him to be able to be added to my insurance. Do you think it is a good idea to get the legal stuff done ahead of time before we do the ceremony we already have planned?