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getting weddinged

What do you call it when you skipped the wedding and just got married at the courthouse for practical purposes, but then decide to throw a big reception for your friends and family months or even years later? We call that GETTING WEDDINGED, and it’s awesome. (Note that there’s also the reverse, especially with LGBT couples: GETTING LEGALLED, where you go to the courthouse to make it legal months or years after having a commitment ceremony.)

Let’s talk about “getting legalled”

Ok, so we’ve long been fans of the concept of “getting weddinged,” the act of having a wedding after you’re already legally married. But one of our twitter followers @ayahthetiger recently asked us, what do you call it when (thanks to the shifting marriage equality laws), couples do the reverse? If you’ve already had the non-legal wedding ceremony, what do you call it when you head down to the courthouse to make it official?

The best thing we could come up with was GETTING LEGALLED.

Rose & Aaron’s zombies and pizza Wooly Bugger farm wedding

One plot of land, lovingly transformed into a place where a community comes together to see a couple wed… and grill pizza. And chill with farm animals. And make s’mores. And fend off the zombie apocalypse. Oh hell yes.

My top 5 “ah-ha!” wedding moments: Shit I’m glad I know now

Besides the obvious “ah-ha!” moment of “OMG I’m SO glad I found Offbeat Bride,” I wanted to share the top-five realizations I’ve had while planning this thing. These tidbits may not be for everyone, but if my best friend were getting married, this is what I’d tell her.

Monday Montage: historically-inspired wedding outfits of epic proportions

After browsing the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool this week, I started obsessing over all of these fabulously ornate and historically influenced wedding costumes. Let me tell you, the details on these outfits are impressive. Now, I share with you a couple of fabulous Renn Faire dresses, some stately steampunk gear, and two fantastic vintage duos.

Sheila & Andrew’s two rock ‘n roll weddings

A little bit country, a whole lotta rock ‘n roll … and a pornographic letter as a reading? Can you say amazeballs?!? As if the kick-ass tutu dress wasn’t ball-out enough …

Maureen & Ian’s vintage New Year’s wedding with light sabers!

Maureen & Ian had an Old Hollywood meets modern nerdy New Year’s wedding complete with a light saber fight in the middle of the ceremony and light saber favors!