YODA SODA: This couple destroyed the Death Star at their Star Wars vow renewal!

Kerstin and Christian had a gorgeous vow renewal elopement-style in a railway underpass to reaffirm their marriage. For their actual wedding, the couple had to make many compromises, but this time it was all about them. Enter lightsabers, destroying the Death Star during the ceremony, and a toast with Yoda Soda.

Yep, it's a Star Wars vow renewal in Germany that tickles all our nerdy dreams of an industrial-style wedding. You've got to see it…


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Singing and dancing at this circus-inspired German wedding

Anneke and Michael's wedding in Lüneburg, Germany had a traditional ceremony, a second outdoor ceremony, and a carnvial-esque costume-themed reception. The bride wore a dress handmade by one of her best friends. The first ceremony was held in a medieval watertower, and afterwards the pair bicycled to the outdoor reception where the second ceremony took place.