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Unique gay and lesbian cake toppers

Unhappy truth: It’s hard to find an abundance of gay-friendly and/or gender neutral wedding stuff. From advice, to porn, to products our gender-bending, same-sex loving friends constantly get the shaft. We got a request for advice on where to find same-sex cake toppers, so I thought I’d show you some of the ones I’ve found over the years.

It’s not about the mayonnaise: stop using tired tropes when complaining about your partner

Have you ever bitched about your partner being stupid? It’s time to flip the script on complaint cliches.

Marriage as an act of freedom vs. conformity

Anyone who has taken a Gender Studies class knows all the standard stuff about marriage being an exchange of chattel, property, protecting the paternity of babies, etc. We can see how these historical dynamics still affect us.

Processing hetero-normative, non-offbeat relationship diagram

I am just as queer as I always have been, but my current partnership appears totally hetero to an innocent bystander … this has subtly affected my expectations of what a relationship looks like.

My fiance won’t help me with wedding planning: Learning from partnership imbalances

Ariel answers the perennial question: “Why does it seem like all the wedding planning falls to me?”