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9 inclusive alternatives to the bouquet and garter toss

What can you do instead of a bouquet and garter toss? We absolutely love how these married folks found a new spin on this old wedding tradition! Here are a few creative and inclusive alternatives to the bouquet and garter toss.

Garter toss alternative: a bottle of booze under lock and key

Not a fan of tossing undergarments to a group of guests? We hear you, and so does bride Diana, of Legend of Zelda wedding fame. She wasn’t keen on tossing a garter so she and her groom Trey devised a garter toss alternative involving some free booze!

Here’s how it all went down…

Wear your activity tracker on your garter

Wondering where you’re gonna put your wearable tech on your wedding day? Do what Ruby did, and pop your Fitbit (or other activity tracker) on your garter, and watch as you rack up some impressive data.

Laura & David’s DIY hippie geeky wedding

You know the saying, “They broke the mould when they made you” often applies to Offbeat Brides. DIY, tattoos, petals, suspenders, outdoors, love, this wedding has it all. Plus, a Batman garter, a lemon tree, and a sweet spread of mini pies. It’s not easy to sum it up in a few words, but it’s definitely authentic to their very own broken mould.

Fab dreads, skull flask garters, and a groom in shining armor

Karly and Steve are my new deadlock heroes. Karly’s two-tone updo is just gorgeous. This week’s reader submissions were full of other amazing shots, too, like skull-patterned flask garters, a groom in shining armor, an air plant bouquet, and a sidewalk chalked save-the-date. All of these submissions are making 2013 start off with a bang.

Toss two-player plushies instead of garters and flowers

I am squicked out by the idea of my husband reaching up my skirts to remove a garter to throw to the male people of the reception crowd. But he thinks “tossing stuff at your guests” is, apparently, one of those things that needs to stay in the program. So here’s what I decided to do…