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Winter is coming, and so are REN FEST WEDDINGS at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Winter is coming, and so are REN FEST WEDDINGS at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Fellow nerds, history buffs, and RPGers: it’s that time of year again that you and I both wait for with baited breath. Renaissance Fest season is coming! One of our favorite magical, whimsical, and Medieval-themed venues exists to rock your 16th century-themed wedding world. Let’s see what your fantasy, Renaissance, Game of Thrones, or fairy tale wedding could be if you have it at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas. Oh, and we’ve got the biggest discount we’ve ever featured, totally fit for royalty, just for readers, so stay tuned…

5 reasons to have a most wondrous wedding at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Waxahachie, Texas’ Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Which is basically, the ultimate destination wedding — all the way to the 16th Century! (Okay, really it’s just 30 minutes south of Downtown Dallas.)

Yup, Scarborough offers all-inclusive weddings and receptions during their festival in April and May of each year! Let’s talk about the five reasons you should have a Renaissance Festival wedding…

Woodland masquerade wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #halloween #woodland #weddings

A woodland Halloween wedding unlike we’ve EVER seen

Gabby and Philip planned a seriously unexpected Halloween wedding: a woodland Halloween wedding complete with nature-inspired masquerade decor. It’s Halloween, but totally natural, floral, and organic. The bride was a woodland faerie and the groom a tree king. Swoon. You’re absolutely going to want to see the log cake, the pumpkin and gourd decor, and the jester who entertained the guests during the reception.

Details at a Renaissance faire wedding that you won't see at any other as seen on @offbeatbride

Corsets, pirates, and pike arches: 4 details at a Renaissance fest wedding that you won’t see at any other

You guys know I love me some Renaissance faires. Partnering with one of our longtime faves, Waxahachie, Texas’ Scarborough Renaissance Festival, makes me swoon for all the Renaissance weddings that we’ll see in the future. We’re talking corsets, pirates, period music, pike arches, and the most epic and adventure-inspiring venue ever. Let’s talk about what you’ll get that you won’t see at other weddings when you have a Renaissance fest wedding…

4 reasons a Renaissance fest wedding will put the “huzzah!” in your wedding day

When I found out that we were partnering with the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX, I knew my time had come. I get to talk about REN FEST WEDDINGS! I knew my fellow turkey leg-eating, corset-wearing, sword-wielding offbeat couples would join me in my joy. Let’s talk about all the ways a Renaissance fest wedding will make your wedding day the most epic, awe-inspiring, and time-traveling event ever.

Shiny happy wedding feels (and matching ties!) at this art gallery wedding

Stephen and Tavo’s May 4th (Star Wars Day!) wedding was a fabulous garden party among glowing fairy lights and leaf green decor at Artspace 111, a warehouse-turned-art-gallery in Fort Worth, Texas. With matching ties, personalized chalk for guest book messages, and foodie-style centerpieces (ARTICHOKE!), these two are made of hugs and win. Don’t miss the first dance dip!