Kim & Doug's artsy food truck wedding

One look at this pair's food truck menu and you'll be converted to the dark (and delicious) side: a street food wedding! The gourmet sliders and fries were served in front of a chic gallery that played host to the ceremony and reception. They stayed within budget with a few sneaky cost-savers, and you'll love the bride's favorite moments with her dad!


Stephanie & Morgan's whiskey and wildflowers wedding

If you can't settle on just one theme, go ahead and blend in all the things you love. This pair started with the wildflowers, and added whiskey, subtle sci-fi quotes, funky music, and robots, and in one photo, the groom looks like he's so happy he could float on air. Check out how they blended their faiths, families, and traditions into one amazing wedding.


Stephanie & Matthew's music wine burgers and love wedding

Take tons of music, a musical seating chart, favorite band centerpieces, an amazing wine bar, and an awesome cake decorated with the family in their pajamas and you've got this blended family wedding. There's also a really touching memorial to the bride's mother who died on 9/11 — totally tear-worthy.


Alicia & Cody's fiery dragon and phoenix art gallery wedding

With amazing gradient mobiles that match the bride's earrings that match her dress that matches the cake that matches the fiery candles… WHEW! Seriously, this wedding is a sight to see and totally authentic to their tastes. Plus, the bride painted a spectacular (seriously) triptych for the ceremony that made my day.