Enjoy the show: How to make a homemade microwave popcorn favor

Popcorn is one of the most perfect foods for enjoying the show — and isn't your wedding one helluva show? Microwave popcorn is a great favor, and an inexpensive one — though commercial varieties are more expensive than this homemade version. Whether you're not a fan of artificial butter chemical flavorings, or want to add a personal flavor flair to your own popcorn, this project is a super-easy way to DIY a tasty favor.


DIY mini pies!

If you love the idea of a pie buffet that doubles as a receiving line as much as you like the idea of DIYing your wedding desserts, then this product is gonna bust your crust!


The Pi Day ode to wedding pies

I'll let you in on a fact about offbeat wedding photographers — one of our most "in demand" wedding photography days is Pi Day. Yup, March 14th is the perfect day to get married for any nerdy couple. Now, you already saw the Pi Day wedding I shot last year, and you probably noticed their abundance of delicious wedding pies. Cake v. pie arguments aside, let's take a moment on this frabjous day to celebrate the wonder that is wedding pies.