Chayla & Corey's gothic garden wedding

Sometimes you have too many interests to smoosh into one wedding. Such was the case with this Aussie wedding in a lush garden. Though they ran into a few problems with vendor communication, you'd never know it by the end result. Enjoy this lovely, stylized wedding (with a bonus legal wedding!).


Nontraditional grooms shoes that go WAY beyond Converse

It seems that for many grooms you have two options for footwear: you can go bland and formal, or you can wear Converse All-Stars. Now, don't get me wrong: I LOVES ME SOME CHUCKS. It's just that we've got 13 pages of grooms in Converse and not many options for grooms who might want something funky that's NOT Cons.

And so this week we take a break from women's footwear to bring you sweet-ass dude shoes. I tried to go for a range of styles — from oxfords and lace-ups to slip-ons and sneakers. That said, some of these fancy dude shoes are PRICEY…but I don't think it's fair that only the ladies are allowed to gawk nice things, so I included the overpriced Italian options for the grooms who love to get fancy.


Caroline & Aimee's three-day lesbian movie theatre wedding

Their first date was at a theatre and their wedding was held in that same place. D'aww! These two ladies are social butterflies since they had their son, and the sheer amount of people wanting to show their love meant they had to plan for it — in the form of a three-day celebration!