Ring security, puppy wranglers, and train conductors: Alternative wedding party roles for kids

We recently heard about a bride with five sisters, ranging in age from infant to adult, all needing a role in her wedding party. We're fans of having just as many bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bears, flower grandmas, adult male flower girls, bell ringers, and aisle walkers as you like (WHEW!), so we're all for making this way less of a stress than it would be otherwise. Or, if you're looking for beautiful simplicity, consider having no wedding party, and nobody gets left out. But if you're going for inclusion, here are some alternative wedding party roles for kids we'd recommend AND how it's been done traditionally, just for reference.


Twirling in Tulle wants to turn the kids of your wedding into adorable fluffy fairy princesses

All my couples looking to outfit the adorable children in your wedding party, look no further than this post! Our sponsor Twirling in Tulle has the cutest, fluffiest, dreamiest outfits you'll see today! In fact, even if you're not looking to dress your little ones for your wedding in something custom and fluffy, you may want to sneak a peek at these photos for awesome holiday gifts for the kids in your life…


Melissa & Scott's atypical Southern Rock 'Em Sock 'Em celebration

This Southern bride, her Southern family, and her Southern groom can tell you that we're not all the cowboy boot-wearing girls depicted on TV and not all of our weddings look like a scene from Steel Magnolias. And in this wedding, it looks like FUN! Board games (including Mystery Date!), a Low Country Boil, a grown-up flower girl, and a pretty sweet processional make this a whole other ball game.