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Kendall & Alex’s Portillo’s-fueled crafty wedding

After rejecting expensive catering, these two opted for a Chicago fave: Portillo’s! That plus awesome cupcakes, a cool non-cheesy DJ, and tons of origami flowers, and you have this sweet offbeat lite Midwestern wedding. We also learned from the bride that it’s okay to forget your lines in the ceremony.

Sara & Rob’s piñatas and flip-flops island wedding

Piñatas filled with scratch-off cards, a little steampunk fashion paired with casual wear, and a gorgeous island setting make this wedding a sight to see. Despite a few mishaps with the bouquet and the budget, this pair celebrated ten years together with a bang.

Fancy flip-flops for your summer wedding

You want something comfortable. You want something fancy. You want something between your toes. You want FORMAL FLIP-FLIPS.

Monica & Paul’s traditional wedding with a broken arm

The first thing everyone notices is my green and black dress. I designed it and my friend Rachel made it, as well as all the bridesmaids’ dresses. Also coordinated to my dress was my cast I had on my left hand/arm that covered my left ring & pinky fingers! I fell and broke my hand exactly two weeks before the wedding! The designs on it were a coordinated effort from my dressmaker and a haunted house airbrush artist, with a matching “bracelet” made by yours truly.

Megan & Aaron’s shark-tastic beach wedding

You might know Megan as the Managing Editor of Offbeat Bride. But do you know about her insane wedding to a shark-attack survivor!?

Peacock feather bouquet

For those of you seeking out alternatives to the traditional floral bouquet, check out Rachel’s fabulous peacock feather bouquet. The peacock theme continued on the wedding cake, too. It’s worth checking out all the photos from this lovely wedding … this one is my favorite, although I’m also quite fond of this one of the […]