Instead of a dollar dance, have a dollar selfie

If you haven't heard of a "dollar dance," here's the scoop. Guests donate one dollar to get a dance with you at your wedding. Pretty simple concept, but totally customizable to the selfie generation (of which I fully support!). Instead of dancing — since not everyone loves that anyway — guests can contribute a dollar for a selfie with you instead.


Organize a flash mob at your wedding

There's a 50% chance you rolled your eyes when you read the title of this post. Actually, the combination of the phrases "flash mob" and "wedding" probably ups the odds to about 75%. I know. Flash mobs are played out and you're sick of reading about quirky weddings on the internet. But if you're someone who likes dancing, large groups of people, and feeling like a rock star, you should really consider it. Here are my five tips for an easy wedding flash mob.