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first dance alternatives

Looking for an alternative to the first dance? Want to kick off your wedding reception with SOMETHING, but not hugging and dancing in a small circle while people stare at you? We’ve got tons of other things to do instead of a first dance… first drink! first bounce! flash mobs! sword fights! first video game battles! We’ve got tons of ideas…

Steal this idea: honoring Covid wedding couples on the dance floor

Here’s a special way you can honor folks who had a Covid wedding on your wedding day.

Nonbinary fantasy wedding with a first sword duel

From the bespoke suit fashion to the sword duel instead of a first dance, this nonbinary fantasy wedding was nothing short of a faery-tale wonderland. Jessica’s wedding cape and Kristen’s jeweled floral crown are here to take nonbinary fashion finery to a whole new level!

"First stomp!" Stomp grapes at your wedding to make wine

Yep: there are totally ways to incorporate grape stomping in your wedding

Whether you’re stomping grapes at your wine-making unity ceremony or maybe a “first stomp,” making wine at a grape stomping ceremony seems like the perfect way to get really dirty and have a crap-ton of fun. And a whole new meaning to a wine ceremony.

Instead of a dollar dance, have a dollar selfie

If you haven’t heard of a “dollar dance,” here’s the scoop. Guests donate one dollar to get a dance with you at your wedding. Pretty simple concept, but totally customizable to the selfie generation (of which I fully support!). Instead of dancing — since not everyone loves that anyway — guests can contribute a dollar for a selfie with you instead.

Show your support for same-sex marriage by giving them your first dance

Bestselling author John Green recently attended the wedding of two friends. The pair decided, in lieu of a first dance, that they would honor the same-sex couples in attendance by letting them have the first dance instead. Here’s how it went down, including the song choice that made me choke up.

Make the first dance less nerve-wracking: GROUP DANCE!

Feeling first dance shy? If you want to dance, but are feeling the pressure, nothing says you have to dance alone. Grab your wedding party, family, or in Juno and Noah’s case… a whole bunch of sisters doing an awesome choreographed group dance.