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This couple took their own wedding photos in Yosemite National Park

Shawn and Marcie got married in the Oakland California Temple after being friends for 16 years and partners for nine. Marcie says, “When I say finally, it’s like a FINALLY, married.” Cameras aren’t allowed inside, but photos still happened — courtesy of the couple themselves! Shawn and Marcie took a few images of their own reception before trekking five hours to Yosemite National Park where they did their own formal wedding portraits. They took turns behind the camera, even shooting in film! The results are intimate, personal, and (ahem) au naturale. Just saying you need to scroll to the very end.

Yes there’s whisky, and 4 more reasons you should to elope to Edinburgh

You guys might remember Edinburgh-based wedding photographer [vendor-heart link=""]Lauren McGlynn[/vendor-heart] from her amazing work and our super copious love for her. It’s her FIVE-YEAR anniversary of advertising with us and she’s back with some persuasive reasons to elope to Edinburgh, Scotland (as if that needs any convincing!). Bring on the kilted, Outlander-themed dreams, Lauren.

Secret locations, old-school film, and amazing shots: An interview with NYC photographer Dustin Cantrell

Every now and then we get photography sponsors that have some great insights into the ways they run their businesses that make them such great fits for our readership. New York’s Dustin Cantrell is one of those awesome photography vendors. Keep reading to find out his surprising favorite part about working with non-traditional clients, the top three most-requested New York photography spots, and why he doesn’t believe the typical eight-hour wedding package. Oh yes, and a little Offbeat Bride discount…

Why I keep my eye on Edinburgh’s Lauren McGlynn Photography

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I only have ONE photographer on my RSS feed, and that photographer is our sponsor Lauren McGlynn. And you know what I love about keeping up with her wedding photography blog? I can always tell when it’s an Offbeat Bride wedding. Come, let’s look at my favorite “oh this is TOTALLY an Offbeat Bride wedding” images from Lauren McGlynn, while I gush about her skillz and hook you up with her special discount…

Special “moving to Oregon” wedding photography discount from Alexandra Roberts Photography

Alexandra Roberts Photography has been working magic in Boston for a while, but she’ll be moving to Portland, Oregon in the beginning of 2013. So, in celebration of the big move, we’re showing off her talents, and she’s offering a big discount for all Oregon weddings!

Supertfantastic funtime wedding photos from UK’s Lauren McGlynn Photography

I’ve already told you how great UK photographer Lauren McGlynn is at capturing the feel of a wedding, that she shoots with film if you prefer, AND compared her work to hard-core drugs. So this time I’m gonna hook you up with her new offbeat discount all while showing off a sneak peak of Lotte and David’s supertastic funtime wedding. Bouncy castles and dancing wedding parties await…