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Wedding and honeymoon tips from Fiji

I recently traveled to Fiji to see what I could learn about wedding and honeymoon travel over there. I wrote a post about gay travel in Fiji and shared some photos from a wedding I got to crash. And, as promised, here is the bigger meatier post full of tips and advice. If you’re considering an island destination wedding or honeymoon getaway, this is the post for you. If you’re not … well, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

A Japanese wedding in Fiji

On Monday I got serious about gay travel in Fiji, today I get light and fluffy with wedding porn from the traditional but adorable wedding I got to witness in Fiji.

Getting gay in Fiji

I chatted with a bunch of folks born and raised in Fiji, and I wanted to share what they told me about the attitudes toward gay travel in Fiji today…

How do your values influence your honeymoon or destination wedding choices?

With Megan in Fiji this week, the time is perfect to discuss honeymoon destinations — but specifically, how your ethics and values might play into the decision of where to go.