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We’ve got beautiful weddings from brides with fibro, plus tips for a disability-friendly wedding (especially when you’re not visibly disabled).

Natalie & Matthew’s homebrewed kilted lakeside wedding

This pair may have never dreamed of their wedding much before planning it, but it’s certainly become one of our dream weddings. With kilts, an emerald green dress, homebrewed beer, and Celtic wishing stones, it was pretty magical. But just wait until you see whose phone buzzed during the unplugged ceremony and the April Fool’s prank they played on the guests!

Brandi & Jonah’s pinwheels and cheesecake state park wedding

The details in this wedding are ultra fun: pinwheels, a crocheted bouquet and boutonnieres, lawn games in the park, a purty ring puppy… not to mention a Mexican buffet and a meaningful cheesecake! Yep, meaningful. You’ll see why. This bride completely battled through a new diagnosis to get through wedding planning, and her love and perseverance shine. Plus, she has some advice for taking on the haters that any of ya’ll can use.

Laura & David’s DIY hippie geeky wedding

You know the saying, “They broke the mould when they made you” often applies to Offbeat Brides. DIY, tattoos, petals, suspenders, outdoors, love, this wedding has it all. Plus, a Batman garter, a lemon tree, and a sweet spread of mini pies. It’s not easy to sum it up in a few words, but it’s definitely authentic to their very own broken mould.

9 tips for a disability-friendly wedding (…especially when you’re not visibly disabled)

Unless I’m moving around none of my disabilities are particularly visible. However amongst our guests we had lots of friends and relatives with health issues of varying degrees and severity. We chose our venue and all the details of the day based on what would make everything as comfortable as possible for everyone invited. Unfortunately I pretty much forgot to take into account my own health. In hindsight, these are the things I learned or wish I’d have done at my own wedding…

Why I’m not hiding my disability at my wedding

I’ve often been told that I shouldn’t think of myself as being disabled, that I shouldn’t describe myself as a “wheelchair user,” or even that I’m not really disabled. I have great respect and love for some of the people who’ve told me these things, but I think they’re wrong. This is exactly why I won’t be hiding my disability on my wedding day.

Eff yeah: pretty wedding shoes that don’t hurt

So, there have been posts about wide shoes. Check.

Posts about big shoes. Check.

Posts about shoes that are good for your feet? Well, here goes…