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Feminist weddings can totally be a thing! Feminist wedding readings, progressive vows, alternative ceremony structures, and last name choices all contribute to making sure your ceremony is as equal as your partnership.

Why this queer intersectional feminist doesn’t regret her Harry Potter wedding

“But Jessica, you’re the resident Harry Potter nerd. You had a Harry Potter wedding even! How can you hate JK Rowling when you once called her Queen Jo?”

Should your parents pay for your wedding? Why one bride says NO THANK YOU

Historically, parents paying for a wedding has ugly cultural baggage. For this reason, I am against the idea of anyone’s parents being obliged or asked to pay for their children’s wedding.

seattle wedding inspiration Lab at Ada's

How to have a more gender-neutral wedding: grides, brooms, and bachelorx parties

When my partner and I were planning our wedding last year, we decided right away we wanted to skip the wedding traditions that didn’t feel like us. We love the beauty of passing on traditions from generation to generation but one of the traditions we didn’t love was the constant gender expectations. We wanted a more gender-neutral wedding approach.

A horseback ceremony(!) at this misty horse ranch wedding with DIY for days

Marry a man who understands feminism: A feminist wedding reading

One of the most challenging aspects of organising our wedding for me and my wife was finding a reading that reflected our mutual values around feminism. I spent hours searching around for a reading to include during the ceremony…

Don't call me Mrs. Miller: last names, Lucy Stone, & why I'll be keeping my name

Don’t call me Mrs. Miller: last names, Lucy Stone, & why I’ll be keeping my name

Since getting engaged, I have been bombarded with well-meaning friends and family members congratulating the “soon-to-be Mrs. Miller” on her engagement. While my external response is generally, “Haha, thanks,” my internal response is, “Mrs. Miller? Who is she? Do I know her? Please pass on my congratulations.” Because that isn’t me, and never will be. […]

The challenges of planning a straight wedding as a feminist queer bride

The challenges of planning a straight wedding as a feminist queer bride

Planning a straight wedding as a lifelong feminist and member of the LGBTQ community was a challenge wrought with emotion, guilt, and confusion (in addition, of course, to all the blissful feelings of being engaged and in love)…