4 ways I'm keeping my family off my back during wedding planning

I have been pondering ways to keep my family involved in my wedding yet respectful of our wishes. I almost feel like it is harder to plan a "mostly traditional with some personal twists" style wedding than a totally off-the-wall affair, mostly because if you are having the latter, it seems friends and family will eventually resign themselves to the fact that you are unequivocally NOT going to have the wedding they want.


Offbeat-er than thou

I belong to a community of brides on another site. One of the brides prides herself on her uniqueness and originality. No one has a problem with that. But she really puts down a lot of the other brides who are more traditional. She calls their weddings 'cookie cutter' — which really hurts some people's feelings! How can I tell someone to chill with their "I'm so original and different" superiority trip?


Diamond as dick size

See, when you talk exact carats, you're getting into the dick-size game, whether you mean to or not. It's sort of like pulling down your pants and saying, "Oh that? My 10.75-inch-long penis? Ignore that — I'm trying to tell about you my scrotal piercing!" Here's a fool-proof way to avoid the whole OMG IT'S SO HUGE discussion.