All weddings are awesome — not just mine

I am confused by the attitude that surrounds weddings and costs and ideas and things. Maybe that's what makes me offbeat… My problem lies in all the intense bitchiness that lives in the wedding world. "My wedding is better than yours because of such-and-such."

Can we all just chill the fuck out and be nice to each other for like… five and a half seconds?


Am I still offbeat if I love white chair covers? (Hint: YES.)

Not long after I joined the Offbeat Bride Tribe, another member posted her feelings about the more traditional elements of her wedding. Ariel posted a reply stating that this issue comes up every year or so and she finds it's best to let Tribe members figure it out for themselves.

Wise words, Ariel. I didn't get it at the time, but the last six months have been a journey for me, a journey of discovery about myself, about my future husband and about the US we have created. If I could sum it up in one line, it would be:



Finally owning that I'm a more traditional bride: You are awesome and so am I

Offbeat Bride (both the book and the site) changed me a lot. I became more comfortable with who I am. I discovered fashions and subcultures that I had never known existed, but now love. I learned how to deal with stress, with family, with my own doubts. But because of this fabulous place, I also developed one of my biggest doubts about the wedding: was it going to be offbeat enough?


Are offbeat weddings trendy?

Is "offbeat" the new Martha? Are you trendy by trying to have a nontraditional wedding? Join me as I ramble about my thoughts on this, web stats, subcultures, anniversaries, and awesome blossoms.