8 reasons spring wedding details make us swoon hardcore

For some of us it's unseasonably warm and it's giving us ALL the spring wedding feels. We want to start relishing outdoor weddings, floral prints, pastels, misty rainstorms, and lush spring greenery. Let's take a walk through upcoming warmer days with spring wedding details to knock our collective socks off…


A New York farm-to-table wedding at the couple's own farm

Zan and Dave built a barn for the reception(!), cleared land for their Quaker Silent Meeting ceremony, and raised chickens to be served for a true farm-to-table wedding. It was truly a rural wonderland of animals, dancing, fairy lights, and a kick-ass undercut on the bride. It's a must-see…


When a bride rolls up on a white horse (or how we LOVED this New Jersey farm wedding)

Justin and Lauren are from Qatar and came home to Justin's family farm for their wedding. The whole farm was featured at the wedding from the rad altar the family made out of found wood, to the backyard cocktail party, and then the safari tented reception. Guests were ferried around on the back of a tractor and the paths were lit with string lights.


The '80s and homebrew meet at this Aussie-American rustic wedding

'80s rock, a rad barn venue, TONS of DIYed details, and so much homebrew. It's a gorgeously wild ride of a wedding and we're here to share it. Don't miss the travel signs, the bride's lace dress, the rustic decor, the "mad love" ring book, and the awesomely mismatched champagne-colored dressed wedding party.


A fabulously unexpected journey at this Lord of The Rings-themed wedding

This Nashville couple hosted a most unexpectedly fabulous journey with their Lord of The Rings-themed wedding. There are truly exquisite Middle Earth details, a custom gown designed by the bride, Alyssa, her brother Josh officiating the ceremony dressed as Elrond, adorable Hobbits and little elves, and delicious food. Alyssa's dad even dressed as Gandalf! Come on this journey with us to see Alyssa and Sean's Tolkien wedding.