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A chic and lacy haunted house goth wedding

A Friday the 13th wedding at a haunted house with a drag queen, a burlesque dancer, and a magician: an amazing punk/goth wedding or the amazing-est? The bride and groom both rocked mohawks, which makes my day. Check out the full creeptastic and chic story.

Star Trek decor, retro bridesmaids, and Etsy weddings event in NYC April 28th!

I love these Star Trek coloring books! This, along with other awesome additions to the Flickr Pool and Pinterest, comprise this week’s Monday Montage. You’ll find some favor fans, retro bridesmaids, playing card save-the-dates, and a pair of awesome wings!

Cara & Kit’s motorcycling hula-hooping waterfall wedding

Things that rock about this wedding: DIY barefoot sandals, hula hoops, scenery to die for (or at least get a ticket from a park ranger for!), infectious smiles, and a motorcycle getaway. When the bridal headpiece is a motorcycle helmet, you know you’re dealing with some kick-ass people.

For the zombie “fans” out there

You know we loves us some “yay!” flags at weddings. Saguarojo took that idea and put her own spin on it. Not only did she turn them into useful “yay!” fans, but she also zombified them!

Cake toppers galore plus a maypole and a swag table to die for

Cake toppers were popular in the Offbeat Flickr Pool. You’ll also see a smidgen of parasols, tats, and a maypole too in this week’s Monday Montage.

Channamasala’s colorful, multicultural wedding teaser

Jenna, aka. Tribe member Channamasala explains, “We threw in lots of things that reflected us, without worrying about how they all fit together.” But fit together they totally did…