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Casey & Troy’s DIY duct tape, Hello Kitty, and LEGO wedding

When we feature weddings with barns AND tentacle content in one week, it can only mean it’s BARNACLE WEEK! Today we’ve got a Hello Kitty-meets-LEGO wedding with some cute-as-hell barn shots. Oh, and wait until you see how they incorporated the bride’s daugter into the processional and the vows!

TARDIS candy buffets, magical photos, adorable couples, and kids in this Reader Roundup

Ariel called this photo of Nancy and her new husband “magical.” I call it fucking STUNNING! What do you call it? And you have to see her adorable flower girl… Oh and the TARDIS candy buffet… and some adorable bearded grooms and hula hooping brides…

Faith & Aaron’s steamy Muppet wedding with a touch of Stephen Colbert

This combination of themes may seem a little odd at first, but once you see it, you love it! We’ve got Stephen Colbert-inspired cue cards, spin drums, steamy Western/sci-fi garb (complete with ray guns), flame-powered centerpieces, and some sweet children’s vows. You might also be inspired by their half public/half private vows, too. Oh, and wait until you see the faux “ink bleeder” pen made by the groom for the signing of the marriage certificate! Totally bad-ass.

Cara & Robert’s born-and-bred NYC blended family wedding

Checker cabs, pizza, and Italian ices: it’s NYC, baby! This pair comes from traditional New York Italian families, so offbeat was definitely a new concept. But they managed to combine a zombie cake, Mr. Met, and late-night nosh with getting ready at the bride’s childhood home and familiar wedding traditions. Plus, you’ll love the bride’s vows to her new stepchildren.

This arden party wedding had stepmom vows

This pair had a strange introduction, but it ended up being something pretty magical in the end. And it all led to this day full of garden party awesomeness, sweet vows to a new step-daughter (with matching custom necklaces!), and a genius way for introverts to avoid a receiving line! Oh, and get ready to LOL at the groom’s steamer incident (photo included).

Karly & Steve’s artsy and crafty upcycled wedding

A certain superstorm may have wreaked havoc in the days before this wedding, but they pulled it all together somehow with the help of friends (and a new “BYOC: Bring Your Own Cupcakes” clause!). We’re really thankful they did, because we did not want to miss the amazing Wai-Ching dress, gorgeously-coiffed dreads, adorable family sand ceremony, and all of the DIY projects. Oh, let’s not forget the Harry Potter-inspired saxophonist/magician and impromptu break dancing on the dance floor.